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Simple Editing:

This includes format changes required for each carrier as well as start/stop points for your video.

Non Simple Editing:

Face(s) that need to be obscured due to lack of “Talent Release” authorization. The covering of names, signs, logos, songs and other identifying characteristics associated with copy-written materials or inappropriate items, actions and language.


This term is recognized nationally and includes thousands of possibilities across the country. Time For Me TV uses this term instead of [station or channel] because stations/channels tend to change between carriers. For example; NBC may be channel 12 at home but in another state, NBC may be channel 7. Or Spike may be channel 26 on COX but it could be 42 on Direct TV or via Satellite.

We locate the correct network from the information provided in the submission documentation completed by our clients.


This is the service provider such as Cox, Adlink, Direct TV, etc.

Broadcast or local stations:

These are primary networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, which tend to be more expensive.


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