Target Audience Plan

This plan carries a higher price tag than our "Spotlight Plan" due to the cost of more desirable timeslots and Television networks.

"Prime Time" 7:00-10:00pm for example, is a highly desirable timeslot on every network (Example; NBC, ETV, USA, CBS, etc ) in every city and every carrier - cable, satellite, Direct TV and local stations.

If you know exactly who you want viewing your TV spot, this plan is for you. With the "Target Audience" plan, you get to request your video be placed on any Television network across the United States, Monday through Sunday, at any time of day or night. However, due to certain restrictions, Time For Me TV cannot guarantee every customer request is attainable.

Representatives of Time For Me TV will work diligently to reach your desired destination. With this in mind, please be prepared to communicate to us exactly what you are hoping to accomplish with your video submission. We can help lower your cost by narrowing your Target Audience down to a specific region within a city or township. If your demographic is inaccessible through our service, you will be notified during our "Orientation" call.

If you are interested in showing your spot to a "Target Audience" your cost will vary with the following:

  • The day of the week you are requesting [Mon-Sun]
  • The time of day you are requesting
  • The Television network you are requesting
  • The city and state you want your video to show in
  • The carrier of your 'Target Audience'
  • The number of times you want your spot to run

The "Video Submission Form" will need the following information:

  • "Date" you want your submission to air.
  • Be certain of the "date" you supply. Once we schedule a commercial with a network, it becomes a part of their Television programming and cannot be changed.
  • "Time" in the location you want your submission to air.
  • This will be an approximation and will depend on the programming schedule of your desired channel.
  • "Primary Network" and possible alternate on which you want your submission to air.
  • This requires the name or call letters of your desired network; USA, ABC, ETV, FOX, TBS, BET, NBC, etc.
  • "City/Location" of your target audience.
  • Most cities are broken into regions by the carrier (Example; Cox, Advent, Direct TV) If your target audience can be narrowed down to a specific region, this will be communicated to you as it may save you money.
  • "Television signal carrier" of target audience. (Example, Cox, Adlink, Direct TV, etc.)
  • Knowing the signal carrier of your target audience is crucial for us to reach that target.

Due to 'unique situations' and 'airtime cost differentials' in each city and state across the nation, we cannot offer pricing for the "Target Audience" plan on this website.

Prices are subject to change with seasons and Television schedules. Actual pricing for your situation will be provided during your "Orientation" contact.

One segment = 15 seconds. More seconds can be purchased as necessary.

Please be aware, Television advertising schedules are forced to rotate on occasion causing your Time For Me TV commercial to require rescheduling. This information is immediately forwarded on to you.

Remember - this experience is available to anyone who would like to place a legal, non-offensive video on TV!

Time For Me TV charges no hidden fees!

One low price covers everything here:

  • Processing
  • Simple editing of your approved video
  • Insertion of your video into our patent-pending template
  • Formatting of your video to a Television media
  • Television media tape
  • Shipment of media tape to network
  • All associated network airtime fees
  • Federal, State and Local fees (if applicable)
  • At least fifteen seconds of Television air time
  • One time showing of your Television spot unless otherwise directed
  • Contact forwarding (People wanting to contact you in response of your Television spot)
  • Insertion of your Television spot into the "Time For Me TV" website archives

The bottom line is:

You pay one low price each time your spot airs.
There are ample surprises and No "hidden fees."
You determine how often your spot plays.
Choose to show your spot more than once at a reduced rate.


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