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Q: How will I be placed on Television?
A:  After you create your video and send it to us, we insert that video into our unique

Television Commercial Template and place it on Television per your requirements. Think of us as a taxi cab. When you need to get someplace, you pay a driver to utilize his car to take you to that place. In this case, Time For Me TV is your driver, our template is the car. But we don't take you to just any destination... We take you to your destiny! How to submit your video.

Q: What is the difference between the 3 plans?
A:  For a set price (price differs between cities) Spotlite Plan clients are placed on

one of seven popular cable network stations from 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Our Target Audience Plan allows clients to pick the date, time, station and location in which their commercial will air. The Late Night Plan is for customers who want to show their spot during late hours - usually 11pm to 4am Monday through Sunday. Late Night Plan subscribers can also choose the date, time, station and location in which their spot will air. This plan may also be used for videos deemed not quite suitable for daytime or primetime Television. Compare the plans.

Q: Who will see my Television spot?
A:  That depends on you. If you choose our Spotlite Plan, all subscribers to the

same cable service will have the ability to see your spot. Our Target Audience Plan and Late Night Plan provide you with the opportunity to decide who your audience will be. However, if the audience you hope to reach is a single person or household, we can narrow your Television spot down to a specific zone, thereby reducing your cost.

Q: Are there any Television stations I cannot request?
A:  For the most part, we can place your spot on any Television station, on any

network, at any time of the day or night and in any US location. But there are a few stations and networks that we do not have access to. A good example is the Disney Channel. This station plays very few commercials other than those promoting Disney products, shows and movies. Customer requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Be assured we will do everything possible to satisfy our customer requests.

Q: Why are talent releases needed?
A:  A signed talent release tells us you have read and comprehend that your

image/video will be placed on Television through Time For Me TV. A talent release must be signed by each identifiable person in a video or picture submission.

Q: Can "Time For Me TV" videotape my idea?
A:  We can recommend a professional video studio or camera crew, however we

encourage you to be creative with your video camera and have fun with your venture whether it be a short movie, marriage proposal or Happy Birthday to a loved one.

Q: Do I lose rights to my video or anything on it when
Time For Me TV places it on Television?
A:  Absolutely not! Time For Me TV must retain certain rights to your video after it

has been aired. By no means does this imply that your video is no longer yours to do with what you like. What this does mean: Should we choose to use your video in another venue, such as our website, or a "best of" collection, or as "filler" in another commercial spot, we have that option.

Q: Why can't I sing or dance to a previously recorded song?
A:  Due to copyright laws, permission is required from the artist. If you own the rights

to a song however and can show proof of ownership, it will be allowed. We especially encourage new artists and bands to use our service to display their talent.

Q: How many times will my commercial show on Television?
A:  You can show your commercial spot as many times as you like. In fact, we

offer discounts for multiple airings.

Q: Can you air my video outside the U.S?
A:  At this time we are unable to offer this service.

Q: Can I submit my video in a foreign language?
A:  At this time we are unable to offer this service.

Q: Why has this service never been offered before?
A:  Time For Me TV is unique in offering a service that allows the general public to

pay for the ability to appear-at-will on Television. Our patent-pending process has simply never before been considered. We are honored to be the first.

Q: After my video shows on TV, how will I be contacted by
     interested parties?
A:  At no additional cost to you, Time For Me TV will direct all messages pertaining

to your spot, to your contact number or email you provide when you complete our application.


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