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Are you content with the "proverbial" fifteen minutes of fame?

As a Time For Me TV client, YOU choose when your fame begins and how long it will last. You control your own destiny and you can have as much face-time on TV as you want. We are not a talent agency promising the possibility of maybe, someday breaking into commercials. We Are The Commercials! And you can be in as many as you'd like. Videotape whatever it is you want to showcase on Television. Then pay a very reasonable per-segment fee to have the video you created placed on Television. It really is that simple! It's our business to put you on Television.

Let Time For Me TV be the catalyst that propels you
into the spot light.

If you've ever seen a department store in the middle of town, you will have noticed the store windows facing the street are full of creative elements designed to entice you into that store. Now, what would you do if you were handed one of these "street-facing" windows and told, "Go crazy with it."

You get to place whatever you want into that window then stand on the street and watch as people react to it. We actually offer these windows... but on a much larger scale. Instead of limiting access to your "creative window" to just people on the street, we give you a window to the entire country! Or if you prefer, any portion of the US. Scaled to video- Your department store window, with whatever you've chosen to place in it, can be displayed across the Television screens of any US city. You can stand back and reap the benefits of showing your creativity to such a large audience. Then... you can do it again!

Check out our Suggestions page for a few ideas on what you could place in your window.

Our client-driven Television spots are an exciting new concept in advertising that promises to bring viewers back to Television then peak their interest as well. Viewers will wait at the edge-of-their-seats to see what YOU do next.


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